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Since 2008, every item that we have made has been from bison leather. Bison leather has extremely unique, variable, deep natural texture. It’s also very thick, and it is one of the strongest leathers in the world. From a leather working perspective, the challenge for us has always been to transform this gnarly, robust material into ‘Fine Leather Goods’ that are thin, soft, elevated and refined. Strong leathers are usually hard, and thus clunky, inflexible and uncomfortable to use. And soft leathers are usually beautiful, but fragile and easily destroyed. We believe that we have found the perfect middle ground, as our particular variety of bison leather is both extremely soft and infinitely durable.

Our bison hides are a by-product of the ranch raised bison meat industry, which is a financial driver of the bisons’ thundering comeback of the last few decades. Meat demand outstrips hide demand, so the hides are extra. We have built a deep, domestic supply chain of idealistic small business who source our hides, tan our leather, and help us with final production. Our supply chain is comprised of entrepreneurial dreamers who work for themselves, and who respect the animals, the environment and real quality of craft. In addition, we donate 5% of all online sales to the the American Prairie Reserve, a group who is building a massive nature reserve in Montana that will include bison herds on their native habitat in the Great Plains.


The difference between ‘leather goods’ and ‘fine leather goods’ can be found in the edge work. Unfinished edges are much quicker and easier to produce, and can be accomplished by unskilled laborers. But, finished edges are the beautiful apex of our craft, and they will last for many many years. All of our edges are either hand skived, turned and stitched; or hand painted in the old world tradition. Not a single raw edge exists on any part of any item that we have ever made. This is a highly laborious and skilled expertise, especially with our deeply textured Bison leather. It is just one of the extra steps that we take to ensure our products exceed luxury standards and last for a lifetime.


Since 2008, Parabellum has been the only leather goods brand in the world to use technical ceramic hardware. The juxtaposition of our super smooth ceramic with our deeply textured Bison is both unique and beautiful. It is the ultimate combination of the best of the old and the promise of the new. All of our non ceramic hardware is custom made by master jewelers in Los Angeles. Our snaps and zippers are made in Europe, and they are the finest quality in the world.